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Simple house

A great house is a simple house but did not seem cramped. for women a good house was clean not dirty because of the untidy house is not good. nice design house that it should not be large because it is simple enough to be able to design a nice house. buy furniture simply because the home furnishings simple house can look cramped and looks good.

Yard plan and elevation - 3895 Sq. Ft

Total Area-2604 Sq.ft
Ground Floor-1528 Sq. Ft
First Floor-1076 Sq. Ft

Architect : Praveen.M
moyacheri (ho)
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Home plan and elevation - 2604 Sq. Ft

Ground Floor Plan - 2604 Sq. Ft
First Floor Plan - 2604 Sq. Ft

3 Bedroom home plan and elevation

2500 square feet (232 square meter)(278 square yards) 4 bedroom Kerala model home design by Positive Designs, Kerala.

Kerala model home design

Sq. ft. details

Ground floor : 1500 sq.ft.

  • Sit out

  • Living

  • Dining

  • 2 Bed attached

  • Kitchen

First floor : 1000 sq.ft.

  • Upper Living

  • 2 Bed attached

Total area : 2500 sq.ft.

For more information about this Kerala model home, please contact
Designed By: Positive Designs (Home design Palakkad)

Pattambi, Palakkad, Kerala
Ph:+91 9846215596

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